Tofu Hamburger

Tofu Hamburger is made from Tofu and vegetables.  You don't use meat. After mix the ingredients, just put them in the oven!  You can change various sause and change flavor! Enjoy:) 


Cooking Time : 40Minutes

Recipes Makes : 4 Servings



Tofu(Soft or Medium or Firm) - 1 square(about 300-400g)

Onion - 1/2

Carrot, Spinach, Broccoli, Califlowers, etc (anything OK)

Bread crumb - 1 cup

*Egg 1

1 Salt & Pepper - 1/4 tsp

*Soy sauce - 1 tsp



1. Put the tofu in a bowl and whip it up into a paste.

2. Add breadcrumbs to the bowl and mix.

3. Chop the vegetables.

4. Fly the chopped vegetables.

5. Add the salt, pepper, *soy sauce, egg, the chopped vegetables and mix well.

6. Make into round shape and bake 25 mins at 350 dgrees.

7. Put a favorite sauce on the hamburger.


Japanese Sauce

# Grate 1/4 daikon and put Ponzu on it

# Fry the chopped onion and mix Ponzu.

and so on...


"*" is not absolutely necesity. If you don't use an egg, use firm tofu and mix well.


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