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"Asako-sensei, her cooking class serves as an educational field where students can learn about the usual cooking techniques and also about Japanese culture and philosophy. It offers a deeper understanding of health, hard work and consciousness and effortlessly demonstrates these concepts in a fun and easily comprehensible manner. I appreciate how Asako-sensei speaks perfect English because it displays amiability to foreigners who are very much eager to learn about the food and culture of Japan but do not even know how to engage in such activities, unless they go to luxurious tourist spots." Read more>> (Tokyo by Food website) 

- PH Chua 


"After much hardwork, we completed the dishes for the day. The feeling of satisfaction is amazing! I wish I can feel that every day at work. What’s best is that you get to taste the fruit of your hard work RIGHT AWAY, pippin’ hot and yummy.Read more>> (Tokyo by Food website)

- Ng Yan Ting

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Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

7000 JPY


Cook a Whole Fish and Eat Sashimi Bowl 

7000 JPY


"I have taken 1 cooking class and 1 soba class so far with Asako and I enjoyed both of them very much. Asako is very knowledgable and very patient. I am a health-conscious person and pay a lot of attentions to what me and my husband eat. Asako's knowledge in food and their nutritional value / benefits has helped me a great deal when I prepare food at home. The food we made in class were absolutely delicious and the best part was that we get to enjoy the food together in a relaxed and elegant environment. I will for sure recommend these classes to my friends !"

- Flora Chan


"I have just completed my fifth exciting Japanese cooking class with Asako. For each lesson, Asako, prepares extensive written materials that explain what will be cooked, how to do it and a list of measured ingredients. She is a patient, great conversationalist with a wonderful sense of humor. The foods are varied and delicious. Delicate sauces and dressings are also prepared to compliment each meal. When the lesson is over, Asako, serves the food in an elegant manner for us to enjoy. It's like a two hour vacation getaway in a tranquil environment."

- Richard Vega

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