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What are you looking forward to doing in Japan? According to the consumer’s behavior survey for foreign tourists, No.1 is "Eating Japanese Food!"  Join our hands-on cooking classes and experience Japanese food culture during the stay in Japan!


Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

Cook a Whole Fish and Eat Sashimi Bowl!

Get a Free eBook "The 17 Best Japanese Foods" and many tips for Japanese cooking!


Handmade Soba Noodles Cooking Class

7000 JPY


Cook a Whole Fish and Eat Sashimi Bowl 

7000 JPY

You will learn how to cook authentic and savory Japanese typical dishes!



We have three meals a day. That will be 1095 meals throughout a year. Each meal makes your body and keep it healthy. Diet is for not only filling the stomach but also satisfying the mind to select a better choice! I introduce Japanese typical and popular foods. After cooking , you will have a sense of achievement!


Asakology Healthy Japanese Cooking values that you enjoy your own life to have healthy and delicious food. Let's cook and eat together!


Handmade Soba Workshop in New York

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