Fried Eggs and Green Chives

If you want to prevent or recuperate colds, green chives are good for you. Because it warms your body and improves the circulation. It also works for gastrointestinal track. Green chives contain plenty of vitamins B2 and C, carotene, calcium and potassium. Allyl sulfide which has a strong smell helps to absorb Vitamin B1 and process glycolytic enzymes. Vitamin B1 has anit-fatigues. 


Cooking Time : 10Minutes

Recipes makes  2 Servings



2 eggs

1 bunch of green chives

1tbsp oyster sauce

2tbsp sesami oil

a pinch of salt


1. Cut the green chives into bite-size chunks.

2. MIx the eggs and salt in a bowl.

3. Fry the eggs softly wth 1tsp sesami oil in a sauce pan and take it into a dish.

4. Fry the green chives with 1tsp sesami oil and add the oyster sauce.

5. Add the eggs and mix them


Enjoy cooking:)


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