Cooking Rice

Japanese rice called "Gohan" has been consumed as a main part of Japanese food from ancient times. The ingredients is Uruchi-mai. That is also called Sushi-mai in foreign countries. Sake is made of Uruchi-mai. There are many brands such as "Koshihikari", "Akitakomachi" and "Sasanishiki". Japanese rice is cultivated in USA and Australia too.

★Ingredients(serving : 2)

 150g rice (1level go)、200ml water



1.  Measure rice.


2.  Wash rice. Add rice and water to a bowl. Bottled or filtered water is best to start. Wash rice quickly two or three times and pour the water out of the bowl.  Mix the rice with cupped hand for 20 times to wash off the rice bran and residue. Pour water out and re-add water to the bowl two or three times.


3.  Add the rice and clean water to a pan. 

Let the rice soak (summer : 30mins, winter : 1hour).


4. Over high heat cook with a lid until it boils. Lower heat to simmer for 10 minutes. Turn up the heat to high for 5 seconds and remove from heat. Let the rice steam for 10 minutes as is. Open lid and mix.


1.5 go (225g) rice - 300ml water

2 go (300g) rice - 400ml water


When you use a rice cooker, add the rice and water and turn on after step 2.



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