Let's enjoy cooking Japanese food together.



“I am interested in Japanese cooking but I don’ t have idea how to cook.”

“I want to cook and eat healthy food for myself and my family.”

“I want to lose my weight.” "I want to detox and cleanse my body."


Asakology works with such people. If you are not familiar with cooking, it’s ok. I introduce easy healthy and delicious recipes as a certified holistic health coach. The number of students per class are only 2 so you can cook almost every parts and learn very well in a cozy atmosphere.
Let’s enjoy and have healthy and happy life!!

Date, Place

Schedule : Please contact me. The customer who book first can choose the course priority.

Place : Asako’s apartment in Suginami, Tokyo prefecture.

Lesson : MAX 2 people


Basic Japanese Cooking 6 classes



You can learn various type of Japanese home meals. Using fresh ingredients, you cook them to remain the taste. I tell small tips about Japanese food culture and healthy tips every time. 


①Rice, Japanese Soup Stock (Dashi) , Tofu Miso Soup, Homemade Shio-kouji, Grilled Fish in Season and Mushrooms in foil with Shio-kouji Sauce, Pickles of Daikon with Shio-kouji, How to use Japanese seasoning

②Califolnia Roll, Teriyaki Chicken, Clear Clam Soup, Pickles of Turnip with Shio-kouji

③Tofu hamburger, Stir Fried Lotus Root and Sweet Potato, Wakame Miso Soup, Red and White Salad

④Braised Meat and Potato, Vinegary Salad of Cucumber and Wakame, Japanese Paella, Clear Soup with White Raddish Sprouts

⑤Cooking Brown Rice, Thick Sauce of Chinese Cabbage and Ground Pork with Brown Rice served in a bowl,  Japanese Marinated Mushrooms, Japanese Pumpkin Soup, Japanese Tomato Salad

⑥Fried Swordfish with Sweet and Sour Sauce , Japanese Steamed Egg Custard, Green Beans and Carrot with Sesami Seasoning, Salad of Dried Radish Strips and Pickled Plum

Making Soba Noodles



You can make handmade Soba Noodles. You will make about 5 portions and eat one portion at a class.

You will take the rest of them. You will take handmade Soba Soup with the recipe. You will be better to make Soba Noodles by degrees.

Please enjoy the taste and good smell of Buckwheat that you can’t have on Dried Noodles.



①Handmade soba noodles
②Handmade green tea soba noodles



soba cooking 2.jpg

soba cooking 2.jpg



If you want to book the cooking class or have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


I am currently on maternal leave. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


*Cancellation policy

You may cancel your registration for a class up to 48 hours in advance of the class starting time and receive a full refund or transfer to another class of equal value. To cancel a registration, email or call Asakology. No refund or exchanges will be given on classes that are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the class. Asakology reserves the right to cancel any class that fails to attract sufficient enrollment, chef illness or inclement weather. Asakology will contact you by email or telephone and issue a full refund or you may request to be transferred to another class of your choice. If you miss a class due to weather-related concerns, our standard cancellation policy applies.


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